Install the vertical trim from ceiling down to where the desktop will start. By now you realize that the “bookshelf” part of the office is just 1×2″ wood attached to studs, and plywood shelves secured on the wall. This is a cheap and easy way to build sturdy wall shelves and save on material. Pretty design elements paired with smart storage solutions make this small nook feel like a full-fledged room. To keep odds and ends from hogging your desktop, take advantage of unused space on the inside of the closet’s doors. Bright or neutral colors not only work well with wooden materials, but they also create an airy feeling – breathing up the space.

Positively, you can use the money from your sold items for your closet office makeover. Below, we’re sharing 35 of our favorite closet offices that are full of both personality and function. Comfort is always the primary consideration when choosing seating for any office. Considering the number of hours you’re likely to spend in your new favorite nook, you need something great to sit on. Of course, space may be an issue, and you may have to settle for something smaller or more austere than you would otherwise prefer. If you have a repurposed coat closet, you may simply not have room for the same type of rolling office chair that would fit into a huge walk-in closet.

Planning Your Budget

“If you do nonpermanent upgrades, the beauty is that you can switch it around as much as you wish,” the lifestyle content creator explains. She started by painting the closet a bright yellow and then added the closet rods and custom shelving in the back corners of the space. But her favorite part is the IKEA photo ledges she used to create a library for her children. “We have some special Italian books from family overseas, so it is nice to have a spot to display them,” she says. In Allard’s home, this small closet is actually within a bigger closet designed by California Closets’ Kate Kim.

transform closet into office highlights the importance of selecting pieces that support your body and workflow. While the HUD 203k program doesn’t specifically mention cloffices, it provides resources for homeowners undertaking renovations, which could encompass the creation of a home office space. This program can be a valuable asset for those looking to finance their home improvements. Expanding your cloffice storage with drawers is a relatively simple process that works for every space.

Should You Convert a Residential Space Into an Office?

Make sure the one you choose has a height-adjustable seat so that you could tuck it under your desk. If it’s drywall, attach floating shelves to wall studs — this will provide a solid foundation for your project. Attach them to the ceiling of the closet or if there are shelves above the desk, stick the puck lights under it. These are bright lights and buying a couple of them should considerably cheer up the space. If you’re not keen on rewiring the inside of the closet, puck lights would be a good option. Make sure your newly converted space can support your employees’ day-to-day needs.

transform closet into office

Use baskets to organize sweaters and intimates on your shelves and take advantage of every method available to keep your clothes and shoes organized and out of sight. Then you will be free to use the rest of the space to design your office getaway. If you suddenly have multiple family members working or studying convert closet to office from home, office space may be limited. One person can work at the kitchen table, another can work in a permanent office and another can work at the closet office. ‘Whether you work full time from your home office or just a few hours a week, it should be a space that feels productive and inspiring.

Crafting Your Cloffice: Countertops and Storage

Virtually any unused closet can be used to create your private office nook. From a small reach-in closet to a walk-in with a window, these under-utilized zones are easy to transform into your own happy little cubicle. All you need is a work surface, a comfortable place to sit, and a healthy dose of inspiration. Think shelving or cubbies above the desk to create storage and space for decorative accessories that make it a pleasant place to work. And there’s no reason not to own a cloffice that packs a decorative punch. Use color to transform the interior and make it an inspiring home office.

When your lease is up, simply take them down and take them with you. Take inspiration from content creator Jenna Allard and turn an extra closet into a vanity. “​​We started by taking out the doors and hardware from the pre-existing closet and then patched, sanded, and painted the interior,” she tells AD.

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